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Essential safety equipment for electric surfboards

Apr 25,2024 | JetFly

As an emerging sport, electric surfboard attracts participants with its unique appeal and excitement. However, as with all water sports, safety is the primary consideration. To keep surfers safe, it is crucial to choose and wear the right safety gear. This article will introduce the necessary safety equipment for electric surfboards to help everyone enjoy this sport better.

Essential safety equipment for electric surfboards

1. Helmet

The helmet is the first line of defense for a surfer’s head. During surfing, the head is easily affected by impacts or bruises, especially when the surfer loses balance or collides with other objects. A high-quality surf helmet can effectively absorb impact and protect the base of your head from serious injuries.

2. Life jacket

Life jacket is one of the essential equipment for water sports, especially for surfers. Even if you're an experienced surfer, you can't completely predict how a wave will behave. Life jackets provide buoyancy support to help surfers stay stable in the water and avoid drowning. At the same time, it can also serve as a clear signal, making it easier for rescuers to find you.

3. Canvas shoes

Surf shoes are an important piece of equipment for surfers to protect their feet. The surface of a surfboard is usually very smooth and becomes more slippery in wet conditions. Set of surf shoes specially designed for surfing, which can increase the friction between the surfboard and the surfboard to prevent the surfer from slipping or being injured during surfing.

4. Goggles

Goggles protect a surfer's eyes from the irritation of sunlight, seawater and sand. In strong sunlight, goggles can reduce glare and improve visual comfort. And when rolling in the waves, goggles can prevent seawater and sand from entering the eyes, causing inconsistencies or infections.

5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen may not be considered “safety gear” in the usual sense, but it’s crucial to protecting a surfer’s skin. Surfers' skin is prone to sunburn, aging and even skin cancer due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, you should apply enough sunscreen before each surf session and reapply it every once in a while to maintain the effect.

6. Traction rope

The leash is what connects the surfer to the surfboard. It prevents the surfboard from being lost during surfing and provides a quick way to find the surfboard back if the surfer accidentally falls into the water. Tow rope tools are usually made up of hard-wearing, critical components. Made of tensile material to ensure stability and safety during use.

In short, although electric surfboards are full of excitement and fun, safety always comes from the waist. Choosing and wearing appropriate safety equipment can not only protect yourself from accidental waist injuries, but also bring more peace of mind to your family and friends. Therefore, while enjoying surfing, never ignore safety issues.