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JetFly electric surfboard: take you to experience the charm of flying on the water

Apr 29,2024 | JetFly

Water sports have always been one of the most exciting activities of the summer, and now, with the JetFly electric surfboards, this fun is becoming even more popular. This revolutionary electric surfboard is more than just a simple floating board. It combines cutting-edge technology and extreme craftsmanship to bring unprecedented speed and control experience to surfing enthusiasts.

JetFly electric surfboard: take you to experience the charm of flying on the water

The JetFly electric surfboard is made of advanced carbon fiber one-piece molding technology. This material not only gives the surfboard extraordinary sturdiness, but also greatly reduces its weight, making it more flexible and lighter when flying on the water. Its design concept is to allow users to control it easily. Whether they are professional players or beginners, they can experience the thrill of flying across the water. And all this is due to its carefully designed structure and powerful propulsion system.

The surfboard is equipped with a high-performance pump-jet propeller, which has excellent hydrodynamic characteristics. Together with the highly wear-resistant graphene secondary sealing technology, it not only improves the overall durability, but also achieves impressive Top speed - up to 70 kilometers per hour. Imagine that on the clear water, you are like a bolt of lightning, leaving a string of small ripples. What a heart-pounding scene it will be!

In order to meet the needs of different levels, JetFly electric surfboard is equipped with a three-speed wireless remote control handle. This design means that everyone can choose the appropriate mode according to their skill level: novices can start with the practice mode and slowly get familiar with how to maneuver the board, while for those more experienced surfers, there is a faster mode. mode to experience the real speed and passion. This wireless remote control method also brings great convenience and safety to surfers. Even when driving at high speed, the body can be stabilized by hand-pulling the rope to reduce the risk of losing control.

In terms of battery life, the JetFly electric surfboard also performs well. The large-capacity battery design allows it to be used continuously for more than an hour at full speed. Don’t worry about running out of power, because this battery is extremely quick to replace and can be replaced in just three seconds, so your surfing trip doesn’t need to be interrupted waiting for charging.

JetFly electric surfboard is not just a piece of sports equipment, it is the embodiment of a new lifestyle. Whether you are at the blue seaside or a quiet lakeside, as long as there is a body of water, you can start an exciting water adventure at any time. The fun it brings is far more than traditional surfing. It is a brand-new water flying experience that makes people feel as if they have the ability to soar on the water.

In short, JetFly electric surfboard has become an ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts with its unique design and excellent performance. It is not just a product, it is the key to a new world of water entertainment, allowing you to enjoy the coolness of summer while also feeling the excitement brought by speed. Whether it is a family gathering, a happy time among friends, or a solo adventure, JetFly electric surfboard will be your best partner, taking you to appreciate the charm of water flying and creating unforgettable memories.