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Rottnest Channel
Solo Swiming
sponsorship application form

Rottnest Channel Solo Swiming application form Full name * Email address * Country * Instagram profile * TikTok profile YouTube profile Message Share a little bit about yourself and why you're interested in working with FORM. * Files/photos about your self Do you like to accept a 20 minutes interview  Do you like to accept a gift from JetFly t-shirt/ cap /Towel/ Changing Robe /Towel Poncho Hooded Robe/ dry bag with Jet fly logo?

Jetfly Rottnest Solo Crossing Sponsorship program exists to supportfirst Rottnest channel solo. crossingattempter becoming thebest escortedswimmer in RCS or PTP 2024.
Our kayaking and ski surfing athleticswill escort you all the way to Rottnest by your feeding/racing plan. Our multi solo crossing escort boatskipper and marine mechanic will make sure the boat is available for you on racing day. We have experienced multi-time. Rottnest channel solo swimmer and swimming coach toshare their training, feeding and prepare experience. lf you're dedicated as hel, devoted, passionate, and the athlete everyone aspires to beplease fill up the form belowour ambassador, Andrew and Jeff will contact you for aninterview.