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2024 new electric surfboard is battery-operated

Jul 06,2024 | JetFly

The characteristics of the new electric surfboard in 2024 are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

2024 new electric surfboard is battery-operated

1. High stability and automatic adjustment of the center of gravity

The new electric surfboard is designed with the function of automatically adjusting the center of gravity. When the surfer accidentally causes the device to roll over and fall into the water, the gravity sensing module inside the board body can sense the rollover of the board body and control the electromagnet to lose power, so that the pedal assembly can be separated from the board body. This design effectively avoids the dangerous situation caused by the rapid separation of the footrest and the user's foot when the user falls into the water

2. Environmentally friendly and emission-free

Electric surfboards are driven by lithium batteries, which are emission-free, low-noise, and pollution-free to the environment, in line with the concept of green environmental protection

3. High efficiency and energy saving

Electric surfboards are equipped with a variety of safety protection measures, such as waterproof design, overcurrent protection, battery management system, etc., to ensure the safety of users. At the same time, electric surfboards are small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and store, and suitable for a variety of waters and scenes

4. Wide range of applicable scenarios

Electric surfboards are suitable for beaches, lakes, rivers and other waters, and can be used for entertainment, fitness, rescue and other purposes. Target customers include water sports enthusiasts, rescuers, tourism practitioners, etc., and it can also be promoted to ordinary consumers to meet their needs for water sports.

5. Technological innovation

With the continuous development of science and technology, the electric surfboard market is showing a rapid growth trend. Technological innovation and environmental protection concepts will become the main driving force for market development. The electric surfboard market is expected to continue to grow and become an important part of the global water sports equipment market

In summary, the new electric surfboards in 2024 have not only improved performance, but also made innovations in environmental protection, safety and applicability, making them an ideal choice for water sports enthusiasts and rescuers.