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Q: What is A Power Surfboard?

A: It is a new kind of powerful water sport tool which is a motorized surfboard that allows you to surf over water with or without waves (lakes, ponds, rivers, and the ocean)



A: JETFLY surfboards are driven by an impeller that sends water through a nozzle at the back of the board, providing enough thrust to move the board forward. Electric surfboard is powered by a lithium battery and gasoline surfboard is powered by 2 stroke water-cooled engine. The rider controls the speed via an easy-to-use hand controller.


Q: Is it difficult to ride a JETFLY surfboard?

A: No, electric and gasoline surfboards are easy to ride. We have manual and videos to teach you how to ride them and you just need a little practice. Most rider can stand up on our boards within 30 minutes of trying them for the first time.


Q: Is there an age limit for the JETFLY surfboard?

A: We suggest that the user of JETFLY is over the age of 14. JETFLY is not suitable for pregnant women, people with hypertension, heart disease or other disabilities. It’s important to remember that a JETFLY surfboard is not a toy and some countries request that you have a boating license or similar certification for use. However, from a riding perspective, JETFLY surfboards are truly for everyone as long as you know how to swim and are reasonably fit.


Q: Do I need a license to ride a JETFLY surfboard?

A: In most cases no. However, some countries request that you have a boating license or similar certification for use, so be sure to always check the rules and regulations of the country or region in which you plan to ride.



Q: What are the weight limits for riding the JETFLY surfboard?

AJETFLY surfboard can also be rode with two people, and it can carry up to 120kg.


Q: What happens when I fall off the board while riding?

A: Our electric boards are designed with a magnet switch with safety foot rope that velcros around your ankle or your life vest and attaches to the board via a magnetic switch. Our gasoline surfboards’ start key is designed with a wristband and it is took on your wrist. Should you fall off while riding, the switch or key will disconnect and the board will automatically turn off. When you get back on the board, you must reattach them and ride them again.


Q: What is included in a surfboard kit?

A: A complete electric surfboard kit consists of a board, a battery, a backpack, a wireless remote control handle, a magnet switch with safety foot rope, two kinds of chargers, a bracket, a trailer, a set of shoes, a set of fins, a crash rubber pad, some tools and JETFLY User Manual; A complete gasoline surfboard kit consists of a board, a start key, a set of shoes, a charger, a bracket, a set of fins, tools and JETFLY User Manual.


Q: Do all JETFLY surfboard models use the same jetpack, battery, and accessories?

AAll electric surfboard models have same backpack, battery and accessories; different gasoline surfboard models have same backpack and battery but different accessories.


Q: What is the maximum speed of the JETFLY surfboard?

A: The maximum speed of the surfboard depends on your board model, as well as the rider’s weight, the riding way, the level of charge of the battery, and the water conditions. Our electric surfboard can reach top speeds of 65 km/h; one of our gasoline surfboard model can reach 58 km/h, and another one can reach 62km/h.



Q: What should I do if something is not working or I need support?

A: Start by checking user manual or our Support Hub, where you can find lots of useful information, troubleshooting guides, tutorials, and tips. If you can’t find the answer you need, our Support team will be happy to assist you. Just fill out and submit a form. Be sure to describe the issue in as much detail as possible, and include any relevant photos and videos. If you bought your board via a JETFLY Dealer you can also contact them.





Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and Paypal.


Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: Yes we do. Please contact a JETFLY Dealer or Sales Representative for details.


Q: How can I check the order delivery status?

A: Your shipping confirmation email will contain all tracking number(s), relevant links, and the name of the courier service. If your order is being delivered in several packages, each package will have its own tracking email with separate information.


Q: I didn’t get my order confirmation email. What should I do?

A: Start by checking your spam folder. If nothing is there, send us a message at aftersales (at) jetflygeek.com and we’ll help you out.


Q: I haven’t received my order. What should I do?

A: Send us an email at aftersales (at) jetflygeek.com and we'll help you out.


Q: My shipment arrived damaged. What should I do?

A: Start by contacting the courier service and inform them about the damage. Then, take pictures and contact JETFLY via this form.