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3 unexpected benefits of riding an electric surfboard

Apr 15,2024 | JetFly

Electric surfboards require more than just "having fun". More is needed. Have fun + burn calories. Have fun + learn new things. Luckily, with an electric surfboard, you get more than just fun, which is just as important.

Here are three unexpected benefits of electric surfboards that you may or may not have considered. But that’s okay, that’s what we’re here for!

JF01 Electric Surfboard

Improves posture and helps prevent back pain

If you're an enthusiast, riding an electric surfboard is a great alternative to other types of cardiovascular exercise like running and cycling.

Benefits of riding an electric surfboard

Riding an electric surfboard, on the other hand, doesn't require you to stay in the same position all the time and can provide a lot of work for your abdominal muscles. Your back is protected from any unnecessary stress and your core is strengthened.

A fun way to get your heart rate up and burn calories

Did you know that working out on an electric surfboard counts as a form of exercise? Although you don't need to move your legs like traditional exercises, you still need to maintain your balance and make small movements to control your balance. Additionally, your leg and core muscles are engaged as you turn and rotate, which can increase your heart rate and help you burn calories.

In fact, a 30-minute ride can easily help you burn 300 calories! Essentially, this makes an electric surfboard a form of cardiovascular exercise. Best of all, an electric surfboard won't make you sweaty and tired like being on a treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym. While an electric surfboard may not be the same as working out at the gym, you can rest assured that it's good for your body. And you have the added bonus that it doesn’t feel like work. You'll have fun doing it and get your heart rate pumping in the process!

If improving your health and well-being is part of your stress relief process, let the JF01 Electric Surfboard help you. Give your brain a break from daily stress and spend some time away from it all. JF01 Electric Surfboard: stable performance, strong linear performance, high buoyancy, suitable for novices.

Improve concentration and test reflexes

Your concentration and reflexes will be tested and strengthened while playing with the JF01 Electric Surfboard. Our bodies are not used to balancing themselves, so this makes the JF01 Electric Surfboard a physical stretch. Being forced to use your core strength to stay upright may seem like a challenge, but over time, as your JF01 Electric Surfboard technique and skills improve, your balance and focus will improve. And, the JF01 Electric Surfboard comes in a variety of models that are great for beginners, with enhanced board stability and a "safe stop" feature.

Electric surfboards could improve health

JF01 Electric Surfboard The faster you go, the faster your body and brain work together. After all, the JF01 Electric Surfboard has a maximum speed of 68km/h, a range of 30km, a load of 150kg, and a power of up to 20kw. This gives you the perfect environment to improve your focusing skills and reaction time. With practice, the JF01 Electric Surfboard can help improve the concentration skills of adults and children.

JetFly electric surfboard

Tip: Pay close attention to the specifications of your electric surfboard. Different models have different top speeds. Some people focus on speed, while others focus more on stability and control. Something to remember is that different electric surfboards can provide different results.

Electric surfboards have been very popular for several years. Electric surfboards are not only a popular product for adults, but they are also great for teenagers and children. Now, you might be wondering if riding an electric surfboard should be considered exercise, and in fact, it should be. In fact, electric surfboards have many health benefits besides giving your kids a break from their worries!