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Daily maintenance methods for jet surfboards

Jun 04,2024 | JetFly

As a high-end water sports equipment, the daily maintenance of jet surfboards is essential to ensure performance and extend service life. The correct maintenance method can not only ensure the smooth operation of the jetboard, but also avoid unnecessary damage and repair costs.

Daily maintenance methods for jet surfboards

Jet surfboard cleaning method

Skateboard eraser: suitable for removing dust or leaves on the surface of the land surfboard, and can be used with a steel brush to remove stubborn stains such as mud or chewing gum.

Cleaning mud: suitable for users with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Cleaning with cleaning mud is gentle and will not cause too much impact on the board surface.
Interior cleaning agent: Use a wash-free interior cleaning agent, spray it with a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean stubborn stains, and then rinse with clean water.

Jet surfboard maintenance steps

Board maintenance: Avoid soaking in water and bumping for a long time, especially the edges, to prevent the board from disintegrating internally.
Wheel maintenance: Remove the wheel, clean the bearing with alcohol to remove dust and sand, and then clean the nut and gasket with a wet paper towel.
Bracket maintenance: Change the side nuts frequently to avoid rust and dust that make it difficult to unscrew.
Sandpaper maintenance: Choose the right sandpaper, avoid water and exposure to the sun to prevent the sandpaper from falling off.

Special attention for jet surfboards

Avoid using hot water to clean the surfboard to avoid damaging the fiber surface.
Rinse with clean water after each use to prevent salt from seawater from penetrating and damaging the board.
Regularly remove the old wax on the board and clean it thoroughly with warm water and cleaning spray.
Apply coconut oil to the board, air dry and then apply a new layer of wax or finishing spray.

In summary, the daily maintenance of jet boards involves two aspects: cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning mainly involves using appropriate tools and methods to remove stains and foreign matter, while maintenance focuses on protecting key components such as the board, wheels, brackets and sandpaper. Correct maintenance methods can significantly improve the performance and service life of the surfboard. When cleaning and maintaining, care should be taken to avoid using improper methods and tools to avoid unnecessary damage.