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Do I need to recalibrate my Jetfly electric surfboard after replacing the battery?

May 15,2024 | JetFly

When replacing the battery of a Jetfly electric surfboard, whether it needs to be recalibrated is a question that many users are concerned about. The answer is yes, some form of calibration or initialization process is usually required after replacing the battery to ensure the performance and safety of your jet surfboard.

Do I need to recalibrate my Jetfly electric surfboard after replacing the battery?

Importance of calibration:

Battery calibration is to ensure that the new battery can properly communicate with the surfboard's electronic control system to provide accurate charge readings and performance. Without calibration, a new battery may not reach its maximum performance or, in some cases, may display inaccurate charge levels.

Calibration steps:

Charging: First, perform a complete charge cycle on a new battery as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the battery is fully charged.

Calibration mode: Some Jetfly electric surfboards may have a dedicated calibration mode, which users can enter by long pressing the power button or following a specific operating procedure. In this mode, the board detects new batteries and makes any necessary settings adjustments.

User Guide: Check your surfboard's owner's manual to see if there are specific calibration procedures to follow. Some models may need to be calibrated under specific conditions, such as traveling a certain distance on flat water at a specific speed.

Safety Check: During the calibration process, make sure your surfboard is in a safe environment and avoid calibrating in areas with fast currents or obstacles.

Software Updates: In some cases, it may be necessary to download and install the latest firmware or software update after replacing the battery to ensure that the surfboard's electronics are compatible with the new battery.


Before performing calibration, be sure to read the user manual carefully for specific operating procedures and safety warnings.

If you are unfamiliar with the calibration process, it is recommended to contact Jetfly's customer service for assistance.

During the calibration process, follow all safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.
Through the above steps, you can ensure that the Jetfly electric surfboard can work properly after replacing the battery while providing the best performance and user experience.