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Electric surfboard riding: key tips

May 21,2024 | JetFly

Correct surfing form is crucial to mastering the technique of riding an electric surfboard. Surfers need to keep their body balanced, keep their feet together, keep their center of gravity low, etc. to ensure a stable glide on the water. By constantly practicing and adjusting your posture, you can improve the effectiveness and fun of surfing.

Electric surfboard riding: key tips

maintain body balance

During surfing, maintaining body balance is one of the basic skills that surfers must master. Surfers need to maintain body balance at all times to avoid falling or losing control due to a shift in the center of gravity. The correct posture should be to keep your body upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent to keep your body stable. By maintaining good body balance, surfers can more easily control their electric surfboard and achieve a stable glide.

feet together

When standing on an electric surfboard, the surfer should keep their feet together on the board for balance. Keeping the feet together can help distribute the weight of the body, improve stability, and make it easier for the surfer to control the direction and speed of the board. Additionally, keeping the feet together reduces wind resistance, allowing the surfer to glide more smoothly across the water. Therefore, keeping your feet together is one of the most important surfing postures during surfing.

Keep your center of gravity low

Keeping your center of gravity low is another key skill in surfing. By keeping the center of gravity low, surfers have more control over their electric surfboard, reducing the chance of wobbling and losing control. When surfing, surfers should bend their knees as much as possible to shift their center of gravity downward to keep their body stable and more easily able to respond to changes in the waves. Keeping the center of gravity low helps surfers better handle challenges, making surfing more effective and fun.

To sum up, correct surfing posture is crucial to mastering the skills of riding electric surfboards. Surfers need key skills such as maintaining body balance, keeping their feet together, and keeping their center of gravity low to ensure a stable glide on the water. By constantly practicing and adjusting postures, surfers can improve the effect and fun of surfing, and enjoy a more exciting and enjoyable surfing experience. I hope the above suggestions will be helpful for you to master the correct surfing posture during surfing. I wish you have fun on your surfing journey!