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How much weight can an electric surfboard hold?

Apr 13,2024 | JetFly

Surfing is considered one of the most avant-garde sports and its popularity is at an all-time high. Surf culture is booming. Surfing is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or gender. But given the agility and speed required, one often wonders whether weight will be an issue for the former. We discuss this common question and the importance of surf weight limits for safety and performance further in the article.

power surfboard

Electric Surfboard Weight Limits: Why You Need to Know Them

The type of power surfboard you choose depends entirely on your preference. The introduction of electric surfboards was a game changer as they brought variety, electric surfboards provided greater stability making it easier for riders to maneuver and perform tricks. Most electric skateboards can support a maximum load of 120kg~150kg.

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JF01 Electric Surfboard

We’ve put together some do’s and don’ts for electric surfboards to ensure safe, efficient surfing.

for performance
Different electric surfboards are designed to hold different weights, and the materials should be reliable so that the deck doesn't deform under tension. An electric surfboard with a compatible motor and battery is essential for a smooth ride. A good motor needs to produce enough power to carry the load.

for safety
Know the sea and weather, wear the right gear, receive professional instruction, check your gear: make sure your surfboard is in good condition and not damaged, pay attention to your surroundings, stay strong and focused, know your abilities: don’t try waves that are beyond your capabilities, stay Calm down: Stay calm when encountering difficulties, respond correctly, and pay attention to your physical condition: If you have physical discomfort or disease, do not engage in surfing activities.

Learn about skateboard construction
The materials used to build an electric surfboard can significantly affect its durability and weight-bearing capacity.

JetFly's JF01 Electric Surfboard has a sturdy and flexible board that can support a maximum load of 150kg; the comfortable board improves your standing stability and brings a smooth surfing experience. Are you looking for the best electric surfboard for college? The JF01 Electric Surfboard is your answer! You can ride the JF01 Electric Surfboard to any body of water for fun or relaxation. This electric surfboard features smooth acceleration and braking so you can ride like a pro.

in conclusion
All in all, there are so many types of power surfboards available today that weight should not be an issue for a person while surfboarding, following safety protocols and maintaining your power surfboard will make your surfing experience safe and fun.


Q: Can heavier people surf?
Can. There are no weight restrictions in surfing. Most power surfboards can hold up to 120kg-150kg. If you are still unwilling, contact the manufacturer for more information and concerns.