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How to calculate the size of the water inlet of an electric surfboard?

May 06,2024 | JetFly

The size of the water inlet of an electric surfboard is one of the important factors affecting its performance. The size of the water inlet needs to be determined based on the purpose, design, and expected performance requirements of the surfboard.

How to calculate the size of the water inlet of an electric surfboard?

Design Points

When designing the water inlet of an electric water surfboard, you need to consider the following aspects:

Flow requirements: When the surfboard is running, it requires a certain amount of water flow through the motor to keep it cool and provide the necessary thrust.
Motor characteristics: Different motors have different flow requirements, so the size of the water inlet needs to be determined according to the characteristics of the selected motor.
Board design: The shape and size of the surfboard will affect the speed and efficiency of water flow, so the size of the water inlet needs to match this.
Usage environment: The environment in which the surfboard is used, such as calm waters or sea areas with large waves, will also affect the design of the water inlet.

Calculation method

Usually, the water inlet size of an electric surfboard is initially estimated based on the following formula:

[ A = \frac{F \times V}{P} ]


( A ) is the required water inlet area (unit: m²)
( F ) is the required maximum flow rate (unit: m³/s)
( V ) is the maximum speed of the surfboard (unit: m/s)
( P ) is the total power of the motor or propulsion system (unit: W)

This formula illustrates the relationship between flow, velocity, power, and area. It should be noted that this formula is a preliminary estimate and may need to be adjusted based on experimental data in actual applications.

Case Analysis

Suppose there is an electric surfboard with a motor power of 5000W and a battery capacity of 100Ah. Assume that the efficiency of the motor is 70% and the desired maximum speed is 35km/h. Then, we can calculate according to the above formula:

[ A = \frac{5000W \times 35km/h}{100Ah \times 70%} \approx 1.96m² ]

This means that in theory, this electric surfboard needs to have a water inlet of about 1.96 square meters on the board. However, the actual required area may vary due to factors such as the resistance of the water, the air resistance of the surfboard itself, etc.

in conclusion

The size of the water inlet of electric surfboards needs to comprehensively consider many factors such as motor performance, battery capacity, and surfboard design. The above formulas and calculations are only simple estimates under ideal conditions. In actual applications, more accurate data and more detailed calculations are required to obtain accurate dimensions. In addition, the safe use and operation of electric surfboards is also very important, so relevant safety standards and practices need to be adhered to during design and use.