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Recommended popular electric surfboards in the UK

Apr 22,2024 | JetFly

As a maritime country, the UK has thousands of kilometers of coastline, providing a vast world for electric surfboard enthusiasts. In recent years, with the development of technology, electric surfboards have become a popular entertainment project in British coastal cities. Here are a few of the highly regarded electric surfboards on the UK market:

1. JF01 Electric Surfboard

JF01 Electric Surfboard is an electric surfboard launched by JetFly. JF01 Electric Surfboard uses advanced lithium-ion battery technology. JF01 Electric Surfboard has stable performance, strong linear performance, and high buoyancy, making it suitable for novices. Maximum speed: 60km/h, endurance: 30km, load: 150kg, power: up to 15kw

JF01 Electric Surfboard

2. JF02 Electric Surfboard

JF02 Electric Surfboard is an electric surfboard launched by Chinese brand JetFly. It is relatively affordable and cost-effective. This surfboard is lightweight overall and the board body is made of carbon fiber material. The JF02 Electric Surfboard is a product certified by the General Administration of Sport of China. It has strong comprehensive performance, high stability and high flexibility, suitable for competition and entertainment. There's a weightless feeling when traveling on the ocean, making the surf ride smooth, maneuverable and stable.

JF02 Electric Surfboard

3. JF08 Gasoline Surfboard

JF08 Gasoline Surfboard is equipped with the latest technology engine, which is more powerful and has a longer life. The JetFly brand positions itself as an oil-powered surfboard for professional surfing competitions. In terms of use, the streamlined board design basically meets all the needs of a player, so it is extremely fast and has high flexibility when making sharp turns. This surfboard is equipped with additional small wings under the body, which can generate higher pressure on the water, ensuring stable driving and reaching high speeds.

JF08 Gasoline Surfboard

4. JF09 Petrol Surfboard

The JF09 Petrol Surfboard is a popular oil powered surfboard in the UK market. JF09 Petrol Surfboard is a product certified by the General Administration of Sport of China. It uses a titanium alloy resonant tube device to greatly increase the ultimate speed. It adopts a fluid mechanics design to make it more flexible to use. The shape design makes sharp turns/turns more stable and faster. JF09 Petrol Surfboard is famous for its Its excellent performance and stable quality have won the favor of consumers.

JF09 Petrol Surfboard

When choosing an electric surfboard, in addition to considering the brand and price, you should also pay attention to the performance parameters of the surfboard, such as top speed, endurance, weight and size. At the same time, in order to ensure safety, it is recommended to conduct surfing activities under the guidance of professionals and strictly abide by local safety regulations.