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The 3 Best Electric & Motorized Surfboards of 2024

Apr 05,2024 | JetFly

An Electric & Motorized Surfboards is an innovative water sports equipment that combines surfing and electric technology. They provide surfers with a more convenient and environmentally friendly way to surf, while also increasing the fun and challenge of surfing. Among the many Electric & Motorized Surfboards on the market, we recommend the following three best electric surfboards for you:

JetFly JF01 Electric Surfboard: Stable performance, strong linear performance, large board buoyancy, suitable for novice use, rental and teaching use.
Maximum speed: 60km/h, endurance: 30km, load: 150kg, power: up to 15kw

JetFly JF01 Electric Surfboard

JetFly JF02 Electric Surfboard : Product certified by the General Administration of Sport of China, with strong comprehensive performance, high stability and high flexibility, suitable for competitive and entertainment use
Maximum speed: 68km/h, endurance: 30km, load: 150kg, power: up to 20kw

JetFly JF02 Electric Surfboard

JetFly JF09 Petrol Surfboard: A product certified by the General Administration of Sport of China. It uses a titanium alloy resonant tube device to greatly increase the ultimate speed. It adopts a fluid mechanics design to make it more flexible in use. The version design turns sharply and makes the rotation more stable and faster.
Maximum speed: 63km/h, endurance: 35km, load: 120kg, power: up to 10.5kw

JetFly JF09 Petrol Surfboard

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, these three electric surfboards can meet your needs and allow you to enjoy surfing on the sea.