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The latest guide to jetboard in 2024

May 27,2024 | JetFly

jetboards is a kind of water sports equipment that combines the characteristics of surfing and motorboating. It usually consists of a floating board body with a water jet propulsion system and a power device. This kind of surfboard can travel on the water under its own power without wind and waves. Therefore, it overcomes to a certain extent the limitations of traditional surfboards that rely on wind or seawater flow.

The latest guide to jet surfing in 2024

How Jet Surfing Works

The working principle of a jet surfboard mainly relies on its built-in engine and water jet propulsion system. The engine is usually fuel-injected. Fuel is atomized through the fuel injection system and injected into the cylinder, and then compressed and ignited by the piston to generate thrust. This thrust is transmitted to the water jet propeller through the transmission system connected to the engine, and the reaction force generated by the high-speed jet of water pushes the surfboard forward.

How to use a jet surf board

When using a jet surfboard, first adjust the fastening straps to ensure the surfer's stability on the board, then start the motor and control the speed and direction of the surfboard through the control device. Surfers need to master certain skills, such as how to use the change in the center of gravity of the body to control the direction of the surfboard, and how to use the power of the water jet to accelerate.

Safety Precautions for Jet Surfing

Safety is the primary concern when using a jet board. Surfers should wear a life jacket and helmet and make sure they are familiar with the functions of their surfboard and its control system. In addition, surfers should operate their boards in waters where no other people are nearby to avoid collisions. In case of strong winds or other potential dangers, stop using it immediately and seek rescue.

To sum up, jet surfboard, as an emerging water sports equipment, provides surfing enthusiasts with a brand new water sports experience with its unique power system and control method. However, to ensure safety, relevant safety operating procedures must be strictly followed and necessary safety protection measures must be taken during use.