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The Ultimate Guide to Electric Powered Jet Surfboards

Jul 06,2024 | JetFly

Electric surfboard is a new type of water sports equipment that combines modern electric technology with traditional surfboard. It uses a built-in electric propulsion system to allow users to obtain more convenient and lasting power on the water, thereby achieving a longer-distance and more difficult surfing experience. Electric surfboards are favored by more and more water sports enthusiasts due to their unique sports characteristics.

 The Ultimate Guide to Electric Powered Jet Surfboards

How to use an electric surfboard

The method of using an electric surfboard is relatively simple, mainly including the following steps:

Preparation: Before using an electric surfboard, first make sure that the battery is sufficient and check whether the board and the electric system are intact. Wear safety equipment such as life jackets and helmets, and be familiar with the basic operation of the surfboard.

Boarding and starting: Stand on the surfboard, keep balance, and start the electric system by holding a remote control or operating the switch directly on the board. Beginners can start by lying on the board and gradually transition to kneeling and standing positions.

Driving and control: The control of an electric surfboard mainly depends on the change of the body's center of gravity, and the direction and speed of the surfboard are controlled by changing the body position. High-speed gear can give the surfboard greater power, but it also requires stronger balance.

Slow down and stop: When you finish your surfing experience, you can gradually reduce the speed and stop in a safe area to slowly approach the shore.

Water protection: When you lose balance, you should immediately release the remote control or handle in your hand, take the appropriate posture to fall into the water, and avoid head injuries.

Maintenance and care of electric surfboards
Maintenance and care of electric surfboards are essential and can effectively extend their service life. Here are some basic maintenance steps:

Cleaning: After each use, the surfboard should be rinsed with clean water immediately to remove seawater and sand to prevent corrosion and wear.

Waxing: Waxing the surfboard regularly can increase friction and help prevent slipping.

Storage: Avoid exposing the surfboard to high temperatures or direct sunlight, and should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

Check the battery: Check the battery status regularly to ensure that it is fully charged, and replace damaged batteries in time.

Check the motor and propeller: Check the motor and propeller of the electric surfboard regularly to ensure that they are operating normally and there is no debris entangled.

Safety Guide for Electric Surfboards

The safe use of electric surfboards is an issue that every user should pay attention to. Here are some basic safety guidelines:

Follow the rules: Follow relevant traffic rules when exercising in the water, do not overload or operate illegally.

Safety equipment: Always wear life jackets, helmets and other safety equipment to ensure protection in emergency situations.

Environmental assessment: Assess the water and wind conditions before exercising to ensure surfing in a safe environment.

Communication and coordination: Maintain good communication and coordination with other surfers to avoid collisions.

First aid measures: Master the necessary emergency measures for water sports safety, and provide timely rescue in case of accidents.

In summary, as a new type of water sports equipment, the use and maintenance of Electric Powered Jet Surfboards are knowledge that every user must understand. At the same time, it is equally important to comply with safety guidelines to ensure that every water sports can be safe and enjoyable.