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There is a secret inside the jetfly electric surfboard!

Jun 01,2024 | JetFly

The JetFly electric surfboard is an electric surfing device developed by Shenzhen Tianyun Geek Technology Co., Ltd., which has attracted widespread attention for its unique design and high performance. The jet surfboard can reach a maximum speed of 70km/h in waters without waves, and is equipped with a three-speed wireless remote control acceleration function, bringing users an unprecedented exciting experience.

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Design and performance of jetfly electric surfboard

The JetFly electric surfboard uses high-quality carbon fiber materials to ensure the firmness and beauty of the board body. Its design takes into account the user experience of novices, with hand pull ropes to assist standing, and provides an integrated EVA soft pad to facilitate novices to gradually adapt to the feeling of surfing at high speeds. In addition, JetFly's battery system has multiple protections and large capacity. It can last for one hour at the highest speed, meeting the needs of long-term entertainment.

Safety and convenience

Safety is one of the key points of the JetFly electric surfboard design. The product has passed multiple safety tests and certifications, and is equipped with a life jacket and a quick-change battery design to ensure that it is safe enough even in open waters. At the same time, its wireless remote control handle and magnetic power switch also bring great convenience to operation.

JetFly electric surfboard market evaluation

JetFly electric surfboard has won wide acclaim from customers around the world for its excellent performance and design. It is not only popular in the domestic market, but also has a good performance in foreign markets. With its excellent stability and strong power, JetFly has become one of the preferred equipment for water sports enthusiasts.

In summary, JetFly electric surfboard has successfully met the market's new demand for water sports equipment with its unique design concept, high-performance motor system and meticulous user care. Whether in terms of safety, convenience or performance, it has demonstrated excellent quality and has become a popular product in the market.