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What are the common faults of electric jet surfboard?

Apr 08,2024 | JetFly

Understanding the fault symptoms of electric jet surfboard can help users discover problems in time and take corresponding solutions to ensure the normal use of electric surfboards and personal safety. The following are some common fault symptoms of electric jet surfboard:

electric jet surfboard

Difficulty starting: An electric surfboard that fails to start or stalls immediately after starting may be caused by a weak battery, a faulty motor, or a problem with the power system. In this case, you should first check whether the battery power is sufficient, and then check whether the motor and power system are working properly.

Unstable power output: If the electric surfboard has weak acceleration or unstable speed while driving, it may be caused by reduced motor power, aging battery, or failure of the transmission system. At this time, detailed inspection and repair of the motor, battery and transmission system are required.

Steering failure: The steering function of the electric surfboard is controlled by the servo. If the servo fails or the signal transmission is blocked, it may cause steering failure. In this case, check whether the servo and its connecting lines are working properly.

Water leakage problem: Since electric surfboards are often used in water, waterproof performance is crucial. If water leaks occur, it may cause short circuits or corrosion of electrical components. Therefore, once a water leakage problem is discovered, it should be stopped immediately and inspected and repaired.

Decreased battery life: As the use time increases, the battery capacity of the electric surfboard may gradually decrease, resulting in a shortened battery life. This is a normal phenomenon of natural aging of the battery, but if the battery life decreases abnormally and rapidly, it may be caused by battery damage or improper use. In this case, battery replacement should be considered.

Control system failure: The control system of the electric surfboard is responsible for receiving user instructions and controlling the work of motors, steering gears and other components. If the control system fails, it may fail to receive instructions or perform incorrect operations. At this time, you should check whether the circuit board, sensors and software of the control system are working properly.

In short, understanding the common fault manifestations of electric jet surfboard can help users discover problems in time and take corresponding solutions. During use, regular maintenance and inspections should be performed to ensure the normal operation and safety of the electric surfboard.