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What impact will electric surfboards have on the surfing industry?

May 23,2024 | JetFly

As an emerging water sports tool, electric surfboards have had a significant impact on the surfing industry. Here are a few key aspects:

What impact will electric surfboards have on the surfing industry?

Market size growth

The introduction of electric surfboards has brought new experiences and possibilities to surfing, and also provided more choices for water sports enthusiasts. The application of this new technology makes surfing no longer limited to places with waves, but can also be enjoyed on calm water. This increase in convenience and accessibility is directly driving the growth of the surfboard market. According to statistics, China's surfboard market size will reach 2.373 billion yuan in 2022. 

Technological innovation and product integration

The emergence of electric surfboards has promoted technological innovation and product integration. For example, some manufacturers have begun researching and developing lighter and more efficient electric surfboards to improve user experience. These technological innovations not only improve the performance of surfboards, but also attract more consumers to participate in the sport. 

Market diversification

jetboards provide more options for water sports, and their application fields are also expanding. In addition to traditional surfing, electric surfboards are also used in entertainment, tourism and other scenarios to meet the needs of different consumers. This diversified market trend has further broadened the boundaries of the surfing industry. 

Increased environmental awareness

As a clean energy water sports tool, electric surfboard is in line with the current environmental protection trend. Its use reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and plays a positive role in promoting environmental protection. This environmental advantage may also attract more consumers who care about the health of the planet to join surfing. 

In summary, electric surfboard has had a positive impact on the surfing industry, not only promoting the growth of market size, but also promoting technological innovation and product integration, while also broadening the market field and enhancing environmental awareness. These influences jointly promote the development of the surfing industry, making it more dynamic and potential.