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What should I pay attention to when charging an electric surfboard?

Jun 20,2024 | JetFly

The following points should be noted when charging an electric surfboard:

What should I pay attention to when charging an electric surfboard?

Choose a suitable charging environment: Charging should be done in a dry, well-ventilated place without flammable or explosive items. Avoid charging in a hot, humid or dusty environment to prevent danger or affect the charging effect.

Use the original charger: Be sure to use the original charger that comes with the electric surfboard to ensure that the voltage, current and other parameters match to avoid battery damage or safety problems caused by incompatible chargers.

Avoid overcharging: Strictly charge according to the charging time specified in the surfboard's manual, and do not overcharge for a long time to avoid damaging the battery life.

Check before charging: Before connecting the charger, check whether the interface of the surfboard and the charger is clean, free of debris and damage. If there is dirt or damage, it should be cleaned or repaired first.

Do not use while charging: Do not use the electric surfboard during charging to avoid accidents.

Pay attention to the stability of the power supply voltage: Ensure that the voltage of the power supply connected during charging is stable to avoid damage to the battery and charger due to excessive voltage fluctuations.

Keep away from water: Keep the surfboard and charger away from water when charging to prevent short circuits and electric shock accidents.
Unplug the plug in time after charging: After charging is completed, the charger should be unplugged in time to avoid over-discharge or potential safety hazards.

Follow the above precautions to ensure that the electric surfboards are charged safely and effectively prolong the battery life.