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Features and usage of power surfboards

Jun 01,2024 | JetFly

Power surfboards are a new type of water sports equipment that combines modern technology with traditional surfing. It is powered by a built-in engine, allowing users to glide and surf on the water even in the absence of wind and waves, greatly increasing the fun and operability of the sport.

Features and usage of power surfboards

Features of power surfboards

The main features of power surfboards include:
Streamlined design: generally about 2.5 meters long and 0.6 meters wide, the streamlined design helps reduce water resistance and improve exercise efficiency.
Moderate weight: generally between 70-90 kilograms, which ensures stability without losing control.
Powerful power: equipped with a 50CC to 330CC two-stroke engine, providing enough power to support high-speed gliding.
Convenient control: equipped with a joystick, an electronic ignition switch button and a throttle controller for easy operation by users.
Advanced materials: mostly made of new composite materials, lightweight and durable.
Fast speed: up to 55 kilometers per hour, meeting the needs of fast surfing.

How to use a powered surfboard

How to use a powered surfboard is as follows:
Preparation: Make sure you wear a life jacket and be familiar with the structure and function of each part of the surfboard.
Start the engine: Start the engine according to the instructions in the manual and be familiar with operations such as acceleration, deceleration and steering.
Get on the board and stand: Stand on the surfboard, keep your balance, open your legs forward and backward, and bend your knees slightly.
Control and glide: Control the size and direction of the throttle through the joystick to achieve glide and steering on the water.
Return safely: After surfing, turn off the engine, slowly approach the shore, and ensure a safe return.

Powered surfboard, with their unique characteristics and operation methods, provide a novel and exciting experience for water sports enthusiasts. However, during use, safety is always the primary consideration. Be sure to comply with relevant safety regulations to ensure the safety of activities.