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First ride: Testing the JetFly 01 65km/h electric surfboard!

Jun 01,2024 | JetFly

The JetFly 01 electric surfboard is a high-tech and stylish water sports equipment that has attracted widespread attention for its excellent performance and unique design. This article will conduct a detailed review of this surfboard and explore its performance, design, and user experience.

First ride: Testing the JetFly 01 65km/h electric surfboard!

JetFly 01 electric surfboard performance characteristics

According to the search results, the JetFly 01 electric surfboard performs excellently. It can reach a maximum speed of 65km/h, and even when carrying a weight of 150KG, it can reach a speed of 60km/h. Such speed performance undoubtedly provides an ultimate experience for thrill-seeking water sports enthusiasts. In addition, the JetFly 01 is equipped with a large-capacity battery system that can last for an hour at the highest speed, and it only takes 3 seconds to replace the battery. This means that users can have fun on the water for longer without worrying about low power.

Design highlights of JetFly 01 electric surfboard

From a design perspective, the JetFly 01 electric surfboard uses high-quality carbon fiber one-piece molding technology to ensure the firmness and stability of the board, while reducing water resistance and improving overall smoothness and comfort. The choice of board material also takes into account durability and environmental friendliness, making it an environmentally friendly and high-performance product.

JetFly 01 electric surfboard user experience

In terms of actual user experience, the JetFly 01 electric surfboard provides an easy-to-use operation method, even novices can quickly master basic skills and adjust the speed through the wireless remote control handle. In addition, the hand pull rope designed on the front of the board provides additional safety for novices, making them feel more at ease when trying stand-up surfing.

In summary, the JetFly 01 electric surfboard has become a highly anticipated product on the market with its excellent performance, exquisite design and good user experience. Whether it is for veteran players who pursue a sense of speed or novices who want to try new sports, JetFly 01 can provide a satisfactory answer. With the continuous advancement and improvement of technology, we have reason to believe that electric surfboards will become a hot trend in water sports in the future.