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How to maintain electric surfboard batteries?

Apr 16,2024 | JetFly

As a water sports equipment that has emerged in recent years, electric battery powered surfboards have become widely popular due to their convenience and excitement. However, for such a high-tech product, how to properly maintain its battery is a skill that every user needs to master. The following will introduce in detail the maintenance methods of electric surfboard batteries to help you extend battery life and ensure a smooth and worry-free surfing experience.

How to maintain electric surfboard batteries

1. Understand the battery types of electric surfboards

Before taking care of your electric surfboard battery, first understand the type of battery you have. Currently, the common electric surfboard batteries on the market mainly include lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. These two batteries have their own characteristics, so their maintenance methods are also different.

2. Avoid excessive charging and discharging

No matter what type of battery it is, overcharging and discharging will damage it and shorten its service life. Therefore, it is recommended that users try to keep the battery power between 20% and 80% when using electric surfboards. In addition, avoid leaving the battery fully charged for a long time without using it, and do not allow the battery to be completely discharged before charging again.

3. Charge regularly

In order to maintain the activity of the battery, it is recommended that users charge the electric surfboard battery regularly. Even when not in use, charge the battery every once in a while. At the same time, use the original charger for charging to avoid battery damage caused by using inferior chargers.

4. Pay attention to the storage environment

The storage environment of your electric surfboard battery also has a big impact on its performance and service life. It is recommended to store the battery in a dry, ventilated place with moderate temperature, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environment. In addition, avoid contact between the battery and metal objects to prevent short circuit.

5. Avoid physical damage

When using and storing electric surfboard batteries, take care to avoid physical damage. Do not drop, crush or puncture the battery to avoid damage to the internal structure. At the same time, be careful when transporting the battery to avoid collisions.

6. Handle faults promptly

If you find any abnormality in the electric surfboard battery during use, such as leakage, heat, odor, etc., you should stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer or professional maintenance personnel for processing. Do not disassemble the battery or attempt to repair it yourself to avoid causing greater damage.

In short, maintaining electric engine surfboard batteries requires users to pay attention to details and follow correct maintenance methods in daily use. By avoiding excessive charging and discharging, charging regularly, paying attention to the storage environment, avoiding physical damage, and handling failures promptly, you can effectively extend the battery life and ensure a smooth and worry-free surfing experience.