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How to use electric surfboard?

Apr 26,2024 | JetFly

With the development of technology, the field of water sports has also ushered in a new change - electric surfboards. This kind of sports equipment combines innovative design and advanced technology, allowing surfers to experience unprecedented speed and passion on the water. So, how to play electric powered surfboards well? Next, let us uncover this mystery together.

How to use electric surfboard?

1. Understand the basic structure of electric surfboards

First of all, if you want to play an electric surfboard well, you must understand its basic structure. Electric surfboards are mainly composed of paddles, battery packs, motors and remote controls. The paddle is responsible for generating propulsion, the battery pack provides electrical energy to the motor, the motor drives the paddle to rotate, and the remote control is used to control the direction and speed of the surfboard. Only by fully understanding the functions and working principles of these components can we operate the electric surfboard better.

2. Master the correct starting and stopping methods

Before you start surfing, make sure your board is resting on the water and your body position is correct. Then, turn on the motor via the remote control and the surfboard will start moving forward. During surfing, if you want to stop the surfboard, just turn off the motor again via the remote control. It should be noted that when starting and stopping the surfboard, keep the movements smooth and consistent to avoid falls or other safety accidents due to improper operation.

3. Learn how to control the direction and speed of your surfboard

Controlling the direction and speed of the surfboard is the key to playing well on an electric surfboard. Through the remote control, we can achieve precise control of the surfboard. Generally speaking, pushing the throttle stick of the remote control forward can accelerate the forward speed of the surfboard; pulling the throttle stick back can slow down or even make the surfboard move backward. To control the direction of the surfboard, it needs to be achieved through the movement of the body's center of gravity and the flexible use of the rudder feet. Specifically, turning the center of gravity of the body to the left or right can make the surfboard turn in the corresponding direction; at the same time, by moving the rudder foot left or right on the surfboard, the direction of the surfboard can also be fine-tuned.

4. Pay attention to safety matters

Although electric surfboards bring us a lot of fun, there are also certain risks during use. Therefore, we must always keep the principle of safety first and abide by relevant regulations and precautions. First, before using an electric surfboard, make sure you have mastered basic swimming skills and are in good physical condition. Secondly, you must choose a suitable sea area and time for surfing, and avoid surfing in dangerous situations such as excessive wind, strong current, or at night. In addition, you must wear protective equipment such as life jackets to reduce the probability of accidents.

In short, playing an electric surfboard well requires us to master the correct operation methods and safety precautions on the basis of understanding its basic structure and working principles. Only in this way can we ensure our personal safety while enjoying the fun of surfing.