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What do you need to prepare for surfing with an electric surfboard in summer?

Apr 26,2024 | JetFly

In summer, sun, beach and sea water have become the elements that people yearn for, and among them, surfing has attracted countless enthusiasts seeking excitement and adventure. In recent years, with the advancement of technology, electric surfboards, as the new favorite of surfing, have attracted widespread attention for their convenience and controllability. So, what preparations do we need to make to use electric powered surfboards for surfing in summer?

What do you need to prepare for surfing with an electric surfboard in summer?

1. Choose a suitable sea area

First, we need to choose a sea area suitable for surfing. For beginners, you should choose a beach with moderate waves and gentle sea bottom, which can not only ensure safety but also help improve your skills. For surfers with certain experience, they can choose areas with larger waves to challenge themselves and pursue higher excitement.

2. Understand the weather and sea conditions

Before setting off, we must pay close attention to weather forecasts and sea state reports. Find out about wind speed, direction, wave height and tides so you can choose the best time to surf. At the same time, avoid surfing in bad weather to avoid danger.

3. Check the electric surfboard

Electric surfboards are important tools for our surfing, so detailed inspection must be carried out before setting off. Make sure all parts of the surfboard are intact, the battery is fully charged, and the remote control is functioning properly. In addition, the parameter settings of the surfboard, such as speed, direction, etc., must be adjusted according to personal needs to adapt to different waves and weather conditions.

4. Carry necessary safety equipment

Safety always comes first. When surfing with an electric surfboard, we must carry the necessary safety equipment. The first is a life jacket, which provides effective buoyancy support when we encounter danger. Secondly, non-slip shoes can prevent us from slipping and getting injured while surfing. In addition, you can also carry auxiliary safety equipment such as whistles and lifebuoys according to personal needs.

5. Learn surfing knowledge and skills

Although electric surfboards have reduced the difficulty of surfing to a certain extent, in order to truly master this sport, we still need continuous learning and practice. Before setting off, you can learn the basic knowledge and techniques of surfing by reading books, watching videos, etc. During the actual surfing process, you must stay calm and focused, constantly summarize experiences and lessons, and improve your surfing level.

6. Respect nature and others

Finally, we need to respect nature and other people. During surfing, you must abide by marine ecological protection regulations, do not litter, and do not damage coral reefs and other marine biological resources. At the same time, respect the rights and safety of other surfers and avoid conflicts and collisions.

In short, using electric surfboards for surfing in summer requires us to make adequate preparations. From choosing the right sea area to carrying the necessary safety equipment, to learning surfing knowledge and skills and respecting nature and other people, every aspect is crucial. Only by being fully prepared and strictly complying with relevant regulations and precautions can we ensure our own safety while enjoying the fun of surfing.