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Safety precautions for jet surfboards

Jun 04,2024 | JetFly

As an emerging water sports equipment, jet surfboards provide users with an experience different from traditional surfboards with their unique power system and control performance. However, in the process of use, in order to ensure safety, you need to pay attention to a series of operating points and maintenance matters.

Safety precautions for jet surfboards

Key points for safe operation of jet surfboards

Wearing a life jacket: Regardless of your technical level, wearing a suitable life jacket is a basic requirement to ensure life safety in unexpected situations.
Multi-person supervision: It is not recommended to use a jet surfboard alone. There should be at least two people to supervise so that you can get timely help in an emergency.
Avoid crowds: When using, stay away from other swimmers and people on the water to prevent injuries during high-speed operation.
Let go of the handle when falling into the water: Once you accidentally fall into the water, be sure to let go of the handle in your hand to avoid being driven by the rotating surfboard and causing injuries to the head or other parts.
Pay attention to the condition of the board: The overall condition of the surfboard should be checked before use, especially for the hollow board body inside. Excessive water inflow may cause it to sink to the bottom.

Maintenance points of jet surfboards

Cleaning: After each use, the surfboard should be cleaned with fresh water in time to remove salt and impurities in the seawater to avoid corrosion and damage to the board.
Storage: The surfboard should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding sunlight and moisture to avoid affecting the performance and service life of the material.
Waxing maintenance: Waxing the surfboard regularly can increase the friction of the board surface, provide a better grip, and also play a certain protective role on the board surface.
Check parts: Regularly check whether the various connecting parts of the surfboard are firm. If damaged, they should be replaced in time to ensure safety of use.

In summary, the safe use and maintenance of jet boards are issues that every user must pay attention to. Only under the premise of strictly complying with operating procedures and safety guidelines can the enjoyment and safety of the exercise process be ensured. At the same time, regular maintenance is also an important measure to extend the service life of the surfboard and ensure future safety.