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Usage of Jet Surfboard

Jun 04,2024 | JetFly

A jet surfboard is a sports equipment that combines modern technology with the fun of traditional surfing. It generates thrust through a jet engine, allowing users to glide and perform various actions on the water. Proper use of a jet board can not only improve the sports experience, but also ensure the safety of the user.

Usage of Jet Surfboard

Preparations before using a jet surfboard

Before using a jet surfboard, you need to ensure the following preparations:
Safety inspection: Before use, the integrity of the equipment should be checked, including the sealing of the jet system and the firmness of each component.
Wear protective equipment: It is recommended to wear a life jacket and other necessary protective equipment to prevent accidental falling into the water.
Familiarity with the operation: Before formal use, you should have some understanding of the control system of the surfboard, including the operation methods of acceleration, deceleration and emergency stop.

When using a jet surfboard, pay attention to the following points:

Start: Stand steadily in the water, then turn on the power and gradually accelerate to the appropriate speed.
Balance and control: Keep the balance of the body and flexibly control the surfboard according to the direction of the water flow.
Action execution: You can perform various surfing actions, such as flipping, jumping, etc., but you should be cautious on the premise of mastering the skills.

Maintenance after using the jet surfboard

After use, perform the following maintenance on the jet surfboard:
Cleaning: Wash the surfboard thoroughly with fresh water to remove impurities and pollutants in the seawater.
Inspection: Check whether the jet system is clean and unblocked.
Storage: Store the surfboard in a dry and ventilated place, away from the sun and rain.

The use of the jetboard is a challenging water sport. Correct use and maintenance are the key to ensure safety and extend the service life. During use, you should pay attention to personal safety and gradually master the skills under professional guidance.